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An Invitation to Create Together Unites a Community Together Against Disease
Kelly Milukas invites the community, students, and symposium patrons to build and collaborate on a key sculpture installation by inscribing and installing her handmade keys. The hand cast keys are covered in genuine gold and silver leaf, and will be constructed within a suspended keys to the cure sculpture titled, “Circuitry”. Personal wishes or words may be inscribed on the keys, supporting the spirit of the ASaP Symposium, IMAGINE – Art, Health and Technology.

“Keys can open hearts, they can unlock mysteries behind closed chambers, and they can set people free,” says artist Kelly Milukas, whose installation spans the broad symbolism entwined with keys, locks and the mysteries of the body. Kelly Milukas shares, “Artwork can set a framework for scientific knowledge by putting it into the context of our own lives, through our senses and emotions to deepen our understanding, and the way we experience the world.” Science shows art is a key ingredient to improving a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Art is music, dance, visual arts, everything that is creativity.

Art “unlocks the body’s ability to heal itself.”

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