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Creative encounters designed to engage and unlock complex ideas in science and medicine.

The back and forth between art and science opens up new ways to approach and understand topics of critical importance. As an artist collaborator Kelly engages communities in the process of expressing science and medicine through art. Each Imagination Collaboration® project is a unique encounter. The process is applicable to internal and external programs in a range of settings, including art design services. Kelly has worked with scientific organizations, medical foundations, patient/advocacy communities and most recently a biotech startup. To discuss how imagination collaboration could work in your organization or company please reach out to Kelly with an email introducing the topic, challenge or audience that you seek to creatively engage.



Intarcia Therapeutics

A Boston-based biotech incorporates tangible art metaphors while ‘unlocking’ drug therapy advancements.
Intarcia engaged Kelly to acknowledge the talent, tenacity and patient stories within the pursuit of life changing medicine. Intarcia’s main focus is a matchstick-size subcutaneous drug pump.


Commissioned artworks help to interpret the complex medicine of cellular regrowth.
Regenerative medicine works to restore structure and function of damaged tissues and organs by growing new body parts from patients’ own cells.

Brown University Symposium

Interactive artwork expressed stories with personally inscribed messages of hope.
Brown University invited Kelly to participate in their 2015 symposium on how technology and art transform the experiences of people with Parkinson’s Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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