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16 Mile Lake Road

On Westport Main

Ready, Set, Sail

Anchored on Sakonnet

Pink Chiffon

Art Caddy

Sakonnet Backyard

Harvest Marsh Waters

Pond Bridge

Ava’s Iris

Beach Hats

Big Sky Taos

Boat House Row

Boat House Row Boats

Boaters Beach Marsh

Fish Eyes


Bow Tied Tuna


Harvest Wheat Field Barn

River Ride

Burnt Head

Cape Dinghies

J Boat Chatter

Boat House Row

Essex Pond Reflection

Farm Shapes

Full Sail

February Storm WPB

Fogland Field

Fogland Sunset

Glacier Pots

Glory Gaze

Green Beatle Cat

Harvest Vines

Hot Harbor Sail

Iona’s Hot Pink Ride

It’s Raining Vidal Blanc

Jumper’s Rocks

Marsh Seapowet

Monterey Rocks!

My Marsh Backyard

On BroadWay

Walking Left

Peas Field on the Summer Sakonnet


Red Hot Harbor Sail

Red Ranunculus

Red Spring


Road to Sante Fe

Rock Ridge at Warren’s

Rocky Neck Rocks!

Rouge Boat House Row

Round Cove

Row Boat Glow

Sakonnet Boats

Sakonnet Rocks!

Salt Skiff

Sand and Structure

Sante Fe

Seapowet Afterglow

Seapowet Ice Sepia

Sea Salt Chariot

Seapowet Ice

Seapowet Marsh Fall

Seapowet Sea Pickles

Seapowet Sea Pickles Sepia

Skiff Nap

Stage Harbor

Storm Sun Seapowet

Summer at Seapowet

Sunflower Fragment

Sun Trio

The Magic Hour

The Ten Hour Drive

The Turqouise Trail

The Turquoise Trail

The West Fork

Wilbour Woods

Dancing Trees

Warren’s Night Light

Warren’s Point Nor Easter

Warren’s Point Rocks

Warren’s Point Rocks

Warren’s Rocks!

Westport Red

When Five Duals Four

White Chair

Winter Covers Seapowet

Winter Glow

Winter River Headwater

Winter River Headwater II

Winter Sakonnet Sunset

Compton Hay

Winter Sunset at Warren’s Point

Yost Beach House

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